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Waste Optimization

For multi-site businesses, effective waste stream management is a big challenge with significant cost and efficiency implications. ENGIE Insight’s Waste Optimization service addresses these challenges by ensuring that you’re paying for only the service that you need, and no more. Our professionals are equipped with the tools to capture, aggregate, and maintain critical invoice and operational data to help you determine site-specific hauling requirements. We leverage big data analytics, diverse equipment options and monitoring technology to ensure that waste is handled and collected efficiently.

Waste Right-Sizing

ENGIE Insight’s right-sizing services help your organization avoid the costly impacts of overflowing waste containers and those hauled away partially empty. By benchmarking waste service volumes to key contributing variables, we’ll identify opportunities to reduce, or increase, container size and pick-up frequency. We’ll then verify and implement service level changes, ensuring you’re only paying for the exact service that you need.

Waste & Recycling Equipment

Whether separating recyclables desk side, collecting organics “front-of-house” in a restaurant, or baling cardboard for collection, selecting the right equipment is an important, yet daunting task. Fortunately, ENGIE Insight has already completed much of the shopping. We’ve identified, and partnered with, some of the top equipment providers in the industry. This provides ENGIE Insight clients quick access to great equipment, at outstanding pricing.

Waste Monitoring

Many roll-off and compactor containers are charged a fee every time they are hauled. If they’re hauled too often, you could be throwing money away. ENGIE Insight’s utilizes remote monitoring technology to ensure that these containers are hauled only when necessary.

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