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Businesses are challenged to understand trends across their portfolio of sites for energy, water, waste and telecom expenses, and may lack resources to navigate the way forward. ENGIE Insight provides fully segmented data, paired with actionable insight from our team of experts, to create a roadmap to shape business strategy that increases savings and efficiency. Over the past four years, ENGIE Insight identified savings of more than $2.7 billion for our commercial and industrial clients. Put our business solutions—based on consumption, cost and carbon data from hundreds of thousands of sites—to work for you.

Manage Spend

Outsource your energy, water, telecom and waste bill data management, reveal your high-quality data, reduce risk and get the best possible rates.


Reduce Usage

Leverage advanced analytics to understand energy consumption and identify ideal opportunities for focused efficiency projects.


Extend Resources

Collaborate with our advising team to help you along your energy and sustainability journey, and support the management of your facilities.


One Foundational <strong>Platform</strong>

Data, technology and resource expertise combine to provide your business with powerful insights for all your resources delivered through a single intuitive platform.

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“Visibility into energy spend and consumption via the Energy and Sustainability Management Platform is critical for our operational efficiency and identifying where to focus capital improvements and the maintenance schedule.”
—Kevin Christopherson, Roundy’s Supermarkets

The Energy Journey

IMA Webinar

Learn how to reduce energy spending AND drive long-term impact.

Energy & Sustainability Management Platform

Delivers Powerful Insights

An unparalleled asset for cost reduction and corporate sustainability initiatives.

Case Study: Arby's

$5.5M in Annual Energy Savings Opportunities

Strategic planning process resulted in a clear, data driven, actionable roadmap.