Suppliers’ Code of Conduct Policy
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This policy establishes appropriate Supplier conduct, responsibilities and ENGIE Insight’s’ expectations relating to ENGIE Insight’s Supplier Code of Conduct (the “SCC”).
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that our Suppliers follow appropriate business practices and that adequate controls are established for day-to-day use.
ENGIE Insight requires that its Suppliers are informed of, and agree to abide by, the ENGIE Insight commitments in the areas of ethics, environmental and societal responsibility, as those commitments are set forth below and in the Ethics Charter, the Guide to “Ethics in Practice” and the policy on “Ethics of Business Relationship: Governing Principles” as posted in the following links from our parent company ENGIE:


The ENGIE Insight SCC applies to all vendors, contractors, consultants, and any of their employees or subcontractors of any tier (the “Supplier”).
The SCC defines ethical expectations and obligations of ENGIE Insight’s Suppliers.
The SCC applies to all Supplier locations and departments. The SCC supersedes any previous Code of Conduct, and may be revised by ENGIE Insight from time to time.
In the event that Supplier is providing services to ENGIE Insight’s clients at ENGIE Insight’s request, Supplier shall comply with such client’s Supplier Code of Conduct. ENGIE Insight’s SCC shall supplement any client Code of Conduct



Excellent health and safety management is a core business value. ENGIE Insight believes that occupational accidents are preventable. You are expected to maintain safe and healthy working conditions, to comply with the safety standards applicable to your job, to train your employees and to report immediately any actual or potential safety or health hazards.

ENGIE Insight expects its employees, agents, and Suppliers to provide goods and services in an environmentally conscientious manner. Environmental laws, regulations, and orders affect various areas of ENGIE Insight’s business, including restrictions on hazardous and toxic materials, air and water emissions, and waste disposal. ENGIE Insight is committed to compliance with environmental regulations and expects employees, agents, and Suppliers to be conscientious in following proper environmental procedures.

ENGIE Insight seeks to maintain a work environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual and is free from harassment and discrimination based on any protected characteristic or protected activities. Protected characteristics include race, color, sex, religion, pregnancy condition, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, veteran’s status, marital status, qualified disability, genetic information (which includes family medical history), or any other characteristic protected by law. Protected activities include, for example, filing a claim with the EEOC or other government entity. Examples of prohibited activity include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Denying equal employment opportunities;
  • Making transmitting, intentionally accessing, displaying, or circulating offensive or derogatory statements, comments, gestures, slurs, emails or links;
  • Creating an offensive, hostile or intimidating working environment;

Engaging in unwelcome flirtation, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, propositions, touching and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

ENGIE Insight’s policy is intended to extend further than the law. It prohibits abusive conduct that may take the form of intimidation coercion, or bullying that ENGIE Insight determines is inappropriate, regardless of whether such conduct is unlawful or based on a protected characteristic.


ENGIE Insight expects its Suppliers to follow legally compliant employment practices, including:

  • No employment of under-age individuals in violation of any applicable child labor laws;
  • No use of forced or involuntary labor;
  • Compliance with wage and hour laws and regulations, including those relating to minimum


ENGIE Insight is committed to providing a safe, secure, healthy and productive work environment. The use, possession, manufacture, distribution, dispensation, transportation, promotion or sale of illegal drugs while on ENGIE Insight premises is prohibited. Illegal drugs include drugs that are not used or possessed in accordance with a valid prescription or are not used as authorized by law. The use, possession, or sale of alcoholic beverages on ENGIE Insight premises is also prohibited. Reporting to work in an intoxicated state is prohibited. ENGIE Insight employees, agents and Suppliers reporting to work are required to be considered fit for duty. In order to provide a healthy work environment for all workers, smoking is not permitted within any of ENGIE Insight’s enclosed facilities.


The existence of weapons on ENGIE Insight property is against ENGIE Insight policy. Therefore, unless necessary for ENGIE Insight business and authorized in accordance with ENGIE Insight’s policy, the possession of weapons (including, but not limited to, firearms, knives with a blade > 2”, and explosives) by employees, agents, or Suppliers on ENGIE Insight property is expressly forbidden.


ENGIE Insight is committed to providing a safe working environment, free from workplace violence. Violent or threatening behavior in the workplace is not permissible and will be addressed appropriately. Workplace violence is defined as any direct or implied threat, intentional act or other unreasonable conduct that would create fear, hostility, intimidation or other concern of harm in another person. Threatening behavior or acts of violence on ENGIE Insight premises, or off ENGIE Insight premises while conducting official ENGIE Insight business, or related in any way to one’s work with ENGIE Insight, is prohibited. Employees, agents, or Suppliers who have been assaulted or subjected to threats of any kind in the workplace or who have knowledge of violence or threats against workers, are required to immediately report the situation to the ENGIE Insight Confidential Message Hotline at 1-844-284-2634. If such violence is occurring or you believe imminent danger exists, do not place yourself in harm’s way; immediately call law enforcement at 91 and, as soon as possible thereafter, report the matter to the ENGIE Insight Confidential Message Hotline at 1-844-284-2634.


You have a duty to timely disclose to ENGIE Insight all actual or potential conflicts of interests related to our business relationship with ENGIE Insight, as well as situations that could be perceived as conflicts of interest.


It is improper to ENGIE Insight employees, or members of an employee’s family, to request a business courtesy under any circumstances. Further, they may not accept anything from an existing or potential ENGIE Insight Supplier that could be construed as an attempt to induce the employee to grant an unfair competitive advantage or to motivate the employee to do anything that is unethical, illegal or prohibited by ENGIE Insight policies. Our employees are also asked to use common sense and good judgment when offering gifts or entertainment to Suppliers, so as not to create circumstances that are inappropriate or give the appearance of impropriety.

ENGIE Insight employees may not provide such business courtesies if they are illegal, violate the rules of the recipient’s organization, or are offered for something in return.


ENGIE Insight requires compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and its internal system of accounting and auditing controls. Accurate, reliable information and records are critical to meeting ENGIE Insight’s financial, legal, and management obligations and they are necessary to fairly reflect ENGIE Insight’s transactions. Employees, agents, and Suppliers are expected to promptly, completely, and accurately prepare applicable reports, vouchers, reimbursement requests, and bills.


Employees and Suppliers are responsible for protecting any ENGIE Insight property under their control from theft, fraud, unauthorized personal use, and negligent misuse. ENGIE Insight property includes, but is not limited to, tools, materials, supplies, equipment, software, trade secrets, and ENGIE Insight credit cards. The misuse or theft of ENGIE Insight property or disclosure of trade secrets, or other confidential and proprietary ENGIE Insight information impacts the corporation’s profitability and will not be tolerated. You may not offer ENGIE Insight property to persons outside ENGIE Insight without prior approval of ENGIE Insight. Personal use of ENGIE Insight vehicles is prohibited. All ENGIE Insight property must be returned to ENGIE Insight t the termination of employment or contract.


To the extent you are entrusted with or obtain knowledge of ENGIE Insight information, you share a responsibility to prevent its misuse, theft, fraud, or improper disclosure. You must take every care in handling, discussing, or transmitting sensitive or confidential information that could affect ENGIE Insight, its employees, its customers, the business community, or the general public. Your responsibility to hold ENGIE Insight’s confidential information as confidential is a continuing obligation even after your assignment or contract with ENGIE Insight ends. Only designated ENGIE Insight spokespersons are authorized to release information of this nature. The affiliate rules for each appropriate jurisdiction should be consulted prior to the release of information to a non-regulated affiliate or to any other person. Personal information belonging to clients, employees, other vendors or Suppliers and other individuals must not be collected, transmitted, transported, stored, accessed, or removed without a legitimate need to do so. Personal information must be protected from unauthorized disclosure and disposed of in a secure and protected manner. Social Security numbers may not be used in a manner that is prohibited by ENGIE Insight’s policies. Report any unauthorized disclosure of personal information to the ENGIE Insight Confidential Message Hotline 1-844-284-2634 immediately.


“Insider trading” means using confidential information about ENGIE Insight or any other company gained in the course of doing work for ENGIE Insight in an attempt to achieve unfair advantage in the buying or selling of shares or other securities. It includes “tipping” which the insider provides information to someone else who trades on it. This includes any information that may influence the decision of an investor to buy, sell, or hold the securities of a company, or which alters the overall mix of information publicly available about a company. Insider trading is both illegal and unethical, and is prohibited.


Copyright laws prohibit the unauthorized use, duplication or distribution of copyrighted works. This may include computer software, printed articles from publication, TV and radio programs, works on videotapes, files, CD- ROMs, music performances, photographs, training materials, manuals, documentation, databases, and World Wide Web pages. Employees, agents, and Suppliers may not use, reproduce, access, modify, download, distribute or otherwise copy, any copyright protected works, trademarks, or patents of others, including licensed computer software and related documentation, without written authorization of the owner. Further, you may not allow others to use ENGIE Insight resources to do so.


Employees, agents, and Suppliers must support and fully comply with antitrust and fair trade practices laws. Violations of these laws may occur if an ENGIE Insight representative engages in unfair pricing practices, unfair marketing practices, or misrepresentation of the products and services of ENGIE Insight or its competitors. Federal and state antitrust authorities (and private plaintiffs) will be particularly sensitive to business activities that appear to fix prices between competitors, fix costs between competitors, restrict output, or divide markets.


Employees, agents, and Suppliers may never give or offer anything of value to, or ask for anything of value from, an Energy customer or a government employee or official (whether at the local, state, or federal level) that is illegal. Similarly, employees, agents, and Suppliers may never ask for bribes and kickbacks from an ENGIE Insight client, agent, or Supplier.


Employees, agents, and Suppliers may not unlawfully obtain or otherwise use material, products, intellectual property, or proprietary information of any ENGIE Insight Supplier, client, or competitor. Further, employees, agents, and Suppliers may not obtain an ENGIE Insight competitor’s confidential or proprietary information by improper means or unethical acts, such as through criminal acts, misrepresentation, deception, or bribing employees of other businesses to covertly collect information.


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